Damned if we do and damned if we don’t

Here’s something sensible salvaged from that sea of frivolity,  the Indian blogosphere.  And written by A MAN. IMAGINE!! OK. OK. I know, reverse discrimination. But here’s what this piece triggers off.

Fellow women, how did we land ourselves in this mess?

> If we work outside the home, we’re neglecting our families. And we’re stupid anyway ‘coz we can’t manage both. (Look at how well men have been doing it for years. Managing I mean.) If we’re ‘just’ housewives then we haven’t the nerve/brains  to take on the world.

> We fought to come out of the home. And now we have both home and ‘outside home’ to take care of.

> If we have super successful careers then we’re pushy, go-getting bitches perfecting the art of sleeping around. And if we don’t then, “I told you so! Women can’t work!” 

> If we dress conservatively, then we’re not ‘liberated’. In any sense of the word. (And there are many.) If we flaunt our sexuality, then we’re simply playing into the grimy hands of men.

>If we don’t drive our own vehicles, then the sniggers: “Women cannot drive.” If we do, then we’re adding to the traffic chaos, to say nothing of the distraction because everyone wants to gawk at us.

(Will add to this list . . . )

And yet women are still more interesting to men than men are to women. Is it because, as Woolf famously said, women have always served as looking glasses, reflecting man at twice his natural size?


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