Blog Manifesto (raison d’etre demystified)

First off, let me state quite candidly that this blog WILL be obscure. You don’t like that? Let’s part ways. However, the blog raison d’etre post below calls for some explanation.  

2008 will be the year of languages says the United Nations. I, in turn, decree  that language will be the focus of this blog. But not all languages. Or language-in-general, but English.  This perhaps flies in the face of the UN decree; it seeks to promote multilingualism. Which is fine and I support it. (I am reasonably fluent in three languages and have a working knowledge of another three. So there!)  

However, I have this pet theory. Or romantic notion. That in a multilingual country like India, English is perhaps an important bridge  straw. I am aware of the politics of globalization and the role of English in it; the Flat World thingie.  And yes, English has elite status. But these are not insurmountable problems. Not in the league of having to know 20 different languages to converse with your fellow countrypersons. (Ew! The gender neurality sounds awkward, what?)

So this blog has a niche audience. Those who believe that English can help you talk to people in your country.

Ergo this blog will steer clear of parochialism.  (This is also to ensure no one guesses who I am!)  I solemnly promise to stick to matters that are pan-Indian. (The challenge is to find them!) In an era of glocalization, this is probably politically incorrect. But then I am a woman. (You figure out what that means. I have no idea.) 

Parochialism not only of content but also in language. I mean the versions of English we find across the country, which I find equally mystifying!! 

Which English then? So that’s what I mean when I say this blog is about language. To be explored.

And in a desperate attempt to garner support for my theory, this blog will tom-tom (what I consider) good writing in this vein. Therefore the occasional links to blogs I read.

There! A pretty picture I’ve painted of myself – elitist, snobbish, fascist. Thank you.


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