Sex and the er . . . CNN IBN

Two young women are molested by a group of drunken revelers outside a Mumbai hotel in the wee hours of New Year’s Eve.

A young Swedish woman has her backside grabbed at a beach in Kochi, while her father, standing right beside her, is being interviewed on telly.  Also on New Year’s Eve.

Thus CNN IBN reports the “horrific events from around the country on New Year’s Eve.” (Mumbai and Kochi nicely round up the country, right?)  And then pops the SMS poll question for the day: Are Indians sex starved?

I am truly flummoxed. (Now isn’t that a lovely, near-archaic word?)

First, they mean Indian men, right? So since when has ‘Indian’ come to mean ‘Indian men’?

Second, do we really want to measure Indian male sexuality by a couple instances of depravity? Come on men, speak for yourselves!!


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