I don’t follow cricket as much now as I used to. But Tendulkar is an abiding favourite. I’ve watched him ever since his debut in 1988. 

Who can forget the match in Peshawar, 1989, that announced Tendulkar to the world? In which,  after Tendulkar smashed Mushtaq Ahmed for two sixes, Abdul Qadir taunted him: “Bachchon ko kyon mar rahe ho? Hamein bhi maar ke dikhao. ” And Tendulkar promptly walloped him for 4 sixes and a four. Ah! Those were the days when we ‘bunked’ school/college to watch Sachin bat.

(Yuvraj Singh did something similar recently, which the Whataguy has written about superbly.  But we’ve seen it all before, havent we?)

The aura and hype around Sachin represents so much of the Indian cricket-lovers’ psyche: passionate iconisation and crushing iconoclasm. Admittedly he has mellowed and is not what he was. But it always hurts when he’s rubbished.

Watching his glorious knock at Sydney yesterday brought back memories  of the genius of Tendulkar – the likes of whom we may never see again.


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