Troubled words

A US university has drawn up this list of banned words for 2008.  The language purists are at it again!

Commenting on one of the words in the list, webinar, Liberman draws attention to the hostility towards Internet-inspired words: “Yet another non-word trying to worm its way into the English language due to the Internet. It belongs in the same school of non-thought that brought us e-anything and i-anything.” – Scott Lassiter, Houston, Texas.

Must admit to some pet peeves myself against Internet and computer- related jargon. Like “in the loop” and “interface”. 

One of my erstwhile employers bestowed  this title on me: Academic Interface (in addition to my regular designation). Much mirth ensued, as you can imagine!

Classes begin in earnest, so lots of language-related stuff will appear. Keep the faith.


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