Coming up for air

First blogiversary!*

 Yay yay yay!

I’m not very sure what I’m yaying about . . .  Milestones stimulate the endorphins, I guess. And no, I have nothing particularly edifying to say on the occasion. I’m just surprised it’s still on. I thought the pressures of academic life and of bringing up a child who, erm, doesn’t want to be brought up would leave me little time for this.  But this started off as respite from all of that! So I suppose it’s working.

And oh the blog appearance.  All brickbats and bouquets to be directed to the kid, please. (Be warned  he handles criticism very badly!) He insisted. And chose the theme and then browbeat me into accepting it.

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who visited, read, commented, e-mailed, IM-ed, applauded, disagreed, lurked, spammed . . .  and kept the endorphins surging.

* Thanks, Space Bar!



  1. Quirky Indian said

    Keep the good stuff coming, SS.


    Quirky Indian

  2. Space Bar said

    Congratulations! And good going. IS this the first (here’s a word that’ll make you barf) Bloggiversary?

    And what’s wrong with the blog’s appearance? It’s a nice clean template, the font is legible and more importantly, visible!

  3. Prasanth said

    Hurrah hurrah!
    It’s been fun lurking and reading and occasionally responding to the debates here.
    May this last many years. 😛

    and as for the design, the sins of the parents are visited on the children aren’t they.


  4. Pooja said

    Good show, sister!

    Here’s to another year (and many more thereafter) of ideas/ issues and to finding the time to articulate them…

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