What meets the eye

I’m no gadget freak but there are times when I’m almost tempted to give in to the kid’s plea and buy a new mobile phone.  The one I have now is purely functional,  (also obsolete and uber uncool the kid would say) keeping me  connected to the kid and the spouse.   

This morning when I drove into the parking lot at work, I wished I’d had one of those camera-phone thingies to capture what I saw. The parking lot faces a small grove, (with a rather superfluous placard that reads The Grove) a place we use for tea/coffee breaks in seminars and conferences.  And in the grove, scavenging the contents of a  garbage bag  (the remains of some conference) that had fallen out of one of the garbage cans  were a crow and a peacock.  

Imagine that. A peacock, its brilliant plumage shimmering, sharing  human waste with a crow  in companionable silence. An epiphanic moment. (Damn. If it weren’t for teaching, student assignments, marriage, motherhood, bills, dish-washing, old parents … I’d be a poet.  A lousy poet at least.) 

 And then a colleague joined me.

“It’s good for us to see a peacock,” he said.


” It’s a symbol of Goddess Saraswati and we’re teachers.  Though I suppose many of us would much rather see Lakshmi.”

We never see the same thing do we, even when we look at the same thing?

What I saw was the co-existence of beauty, utility and ugliness.

 Was that Saraswati? Well, I didn’t see her. But something does not cease to exist just because I don’t see it.

And sometimes I don’t even see something similarly the next time. My perceptions change. All the time. 

As Hesse said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man.”


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  1. anigalla said

    nice.. especially, the last two closing lines with a suitable quote..
    i’ll be watching this smoke screen.. i found few interesting articles here.. cool

    Thanks. And welcome!

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