The nine nights.

When God is a woman, and every woman is a goddess, we are told. Even if they’re violated, abused, humiliated, and unacknowledged by their men who genuflect before the Goddess.

Some break free and surge, like Ganga, towards new worlds, raging against the meshes of male expectations and guilt over unkempt homes.

And then there are the lesser goddesses. Who wake up at the crack of dawn, cook and wash for their family,  walk three miles to clean Ganga’s house (so she can surge and rage) and then go home for some abuse.

Not all women are goddesses. What’s sauce for Draupadi and Kunti isn’t for Soorpanaka.  She has to be taught a lesson.

To be a goddess, you have to suffer like Sita, not Urmilla.

Oh, and last year along the same lines . . .


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