“Casteing about”

“Before we have less of caste, we evidently must have more of it.”

Himal’s April issue on caste in modern India. Go read, folks.

While I grapple with term papers, assignments, question papers, evaluations and other such April delights…



  1. Anand Bala said

    Thanks for that link. It is making a very interesting read

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  3. gaddeswarup said

    Seems to be a coincidence. Just yesterday I was reading an article in American Historical Review, April issue on caste. There are intriguing sentences there: ” Scholars have also noted how caste, whatever its underlying ascribed, hierarchical assumptions, has changed in interaction with the ‘alternative, nonhierarchical. social imaginaries” that have been embodied in electoral democracy, sometimes becoming as Frank Conlon has put it, a “vehicle for modernity”. Focussing on caste’s adoptations to the politics of modern India,many historians and social scientists have stressed its centrality to India’s electoral processes as a key to popular mobilizing”. The article is “Rule of Law, Rule of Life: Caste, Democracy, and the Courts in India ” by David Gilmartin. I do not normally read that journal but went there looking for a review of Lisa Mitchell’s ” Language, Emotion, and Politics in South India: The Making of a Mother Tongue” which was recommended by Paruchuri Sreenivas in Racchabanda.

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